Saturday, October 4, 2008


Hinghwa or Putian is a dialect. It is one of the two of the subdivision of the group of , and it is spoken in the east central Fujian province of southern China.

The language is very different from Hokkien.

According to the , there are approximate 2.5 millions speakers in China, over 66,000 in Malaysia and just over 14,000 in Singapore.

In Malaysia, it is a Chinese minority sometimes known as Hin Hua or Hing Hua.

Most of Hin Hua in Malaysia migrated from China during early 20th century. They are concentrated in certain area of certain towns including Kuching and Sibu, Sarawak. They are associated with fishery and tyre business, which they are known for. In food, their specialty including Hin Hua Noodle, a very thin noodle.

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